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Homeopathic Remedies for Migraines

Migraines are a neurological syndrome that are characterized with severe headaches, as well as other symptoms such as nausea or altered perceptions. Some other common symptoms of migraines include vomiting, sensitivity to light and sensitivity to sound. Migraines are more common in women but can affect both men and women. As to, Migraines are fairly common, and last between four to 72 hours.

Migraines tend to be very severe, and many people prefer to take prescription drugs for their migraines. Others may require over-the-counter medication to help control their migraines and help to prevent future migraines and migraine attacks. Although homeopathy should not be used in place of any of these medical treatments, homeopathic remedies can be used in addition to these treatments to help improve the symptoms of migraines.

Natrum Muriaticum and Iris Versicolor for Migraines

Natrum muriaticum is a homeopathic remedy that can be used for migraines that are caused by being in the sun or by emotional trauma (such as grief). This homeopathic remedy also works well for migraines that are brought on from extremely stressful conditions. Usually those who will benefit from this homeopathic treatment feel relief to their migraines when they lie down.

Iris, also known as iris versicolor, is recommended for migraines that affect the right side of the head. Usually those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment have nausea or vomiting that accompanies their migraines.

Lachesis and Pulsatilla for Migraines

Lachesis is a homeopathic medicine that should be used for migraines that affect the left side of the head. These migraines tend to cause a pulsating or burning pain, and are accompanied with a flushed face. Those that will benefit from this homeopathic medicine tend to feel better with fresh air, and feel worse with hot air or baths.

Pulsatilla is a homeopathic medicine that should be used for migraines that occur during menstruation. This homeopathic treatment works best for migraines that feel worse in closed rooms and improve when exposed to cool, fresh air.

Although it is not necessary to see a homeopath to buy homeopathic medicines, many people prefer to. Licensed homeopaths are better able to select the best homeopathic remedy for an individual, and can also make sure there are no possible bad reactions.

How to Maintain Weight Loss after the 7-day Cabbage Soup Diet

A whooping 5 to 10 pounds (or more!) in a span of 7 days is an exciting and encouraging way to lose weight. All thanks to the 7-day Cabbage Soup Diet. It is quite motivating to stay on track while on the diet especially when you see results while you are at it. After all, just eating certain vegetables plus lots of cabbages is a big sacrifice so you have to congratulate yourself for a job well done. But the question is – after that, what’s next?

The Cabbage Soup Diet can be a way to jumpstart your actual weight loss journey but being limited and sticking to a low calorie, high fiber vegetables and homemade cabbage soup can be described as bland and boring. Although there are various ways on how to improve the taste, it is almost an instinct to look for other foods that you usually consume before after the duration of the diet. You may be overwhelmed and reach for that bag of chips, take a bite on that chocolate bar or binge on pizza.

It is advised that this diet be done strictly only for 7 days and if you still aim to lose more, wait for one to two weeks before restarting because it doesn’t provide all the nutrients like complex carbohydrates, protein and other essential vitamins that your body needs. Yes, you might feel lighter but weaker. You might not get the strength that you need and just crave for unhealthy foods, making you gain more weight in the process.

Just like other crash or fad diets, this also can backfire if you do not exert effort to maintain proper discipline in your lifestyle especially in choosing what you eat after the program. The good news is, you can sustain the weight loss and even lose more – for good! Making you feel more confident, energetic and glowing than before! Listed below are some practical and effective ways to successfully maintain weight loss after the 7 day Cabbage Soup Diet:

Start exercising and commit to doing it daily

Coming from a Cabbage Soup Diet, you may feel and notice that you have little energy and may experience headaches but exercise really do wonders and can instantly perk up your mood. You can start by doing simple exercises like:

  • 15 minutes to 1 hour brisk walking in the park
  • Walking your dog
  • Playing with the kids
  • 10-30 minute jogging
  • Following 5-10 minute exercise videos online you can do at the comfort of your home.

Over time, you can engage yourself in strenuous exercise routines and even lift weights to tone your muscles if you wish.

Plan your meals and stick to eating healthy

Planning your meal every single day or for a week can be tiresome but the effort is worth it. Calorie counting is a great plus too! Temptations are inevitable after a week-long homemade cabbage soup diet. Make sure that you still load up on fruits and vegetables. Eating appropriate amounts of red meat and avoiding junk, sweet and salty foods can keep you on the right track. Also, you can find alternative food selections like choosing brown rice instead of white rice or choosing whole grain wheat bread instead of the white bread. In addition to this, you should consider eating hearty breakfast, moderate servings for lunch and small portions during the night.

Get enough sleep

Yes, you read that right! Sleep can have a great impact in your overall health and weight loss. This may be surprising but people who are deprived of sleep tend to overeat especially during the night. This can make you feel bloated, heavy and tired the next day.

Drink up!

Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day and loading up on natural fruit juices is vital in maintaining your weight. This can help in flushing out toxins and unwanted fats. Green tea is also a great addition to your diet because it can help in increasing metabolism rate and keep your tummy flat as well.

Keep a circle of friends with the same goal as you have

You can go to the gym, run marathons, share recipes and a lot more. It is more fun to lose weight with friends because you can be their source of motivation and encouragement especially during times when you feel like giving up.

Focus on your goal and keep track of your progress daily

Discipline is important. You have to make it work and have the desire to keep going and get your goal. More than fitting into clothes of smaller sizes, it is the long-term effect on your overall health that matters. You can live longer and be a role model to other family members. Keeping track of your small success everyday can get you excited for the days ahead.

9/11 Conspiracy Facts – Information should not be debunked

A tenfold of accounts in the history would agree that 9/11 is one of the remarkable events in awakening the world. Up until today, there are debates going on around it. Many would want to know who started it. The reasons are still not clear though. Up until today, there are still Americans – almost 1/3 of it actually – who do not dig the official story. This is one of the reasons why there are so many 911 conspiracy facts available all over. Skeptics are still curious about the occurrence. However, there seems to be facts that are inevitable to the 911 event.

List of Facts

There was a review written in the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal. It was said that Nano Thermite was seen in the Ground Zero and its dust. There was also a 9/11 investigation which was pursued by almost 1700 plus of architects and engineers. The whole collapse and destruction of WTC 7 only took 6.5 seconds. Its fall acceleration on the other hand was of 2.25 seconds. This was the juncture when Larry referred to it as the Pull It.

article-2198838-0989D918000005DC-776_638x505.jpg (638×505)

There was a claim saying that prior to the attacks, traders were very much informed about what was about to take place. This may be linked to the fact that there were reported fishy businesses going around insurance firms and stock market. There was even this overwhelming amount of options which were placed on the stocks of American and United Airlines. These airlines were both hijacked in the attacks. There were traders who would like to speculate. They said that the traders were responsible in tipping the attack off. Speculators said that they actually earned and profited something from the tragedy itself. In connection to this, the Securities and Exchange Commission had to launch an investigation. This held Osama Bin Laden as the primary suspect. There was an information received from here. This came from one of the firms in Wall Street.

Aside from the aforementioned, there were also those who told the media that the air defense was advised to be on stand down during the attack. The status quo is that as an airplane is hijacked, the NORAD – or the North American Aerospace Defense Command is intended to send off fighter jets to be of protection. This is perceived as a way to have the shoot down of the aircraft debilitated. However, in that 9/11 incident, the generals believed that there were the scrambling of the fighter jets. There were even skeptics who believe that there was lack of NORAD presence during the occurrence. This again was suspicious to many.

Contrary to the belief, it was not planes responsible in collapsing the twin towers. This happened because of bombs. There was even a time when the collapse of the World Trade Center was compared to demolition which was controlled. This would not occur if the explosives were not planted in chosen locations. There were individuals who claimed that they heard the bombing sounds from the inside of the tower.

James K Polk Facts – The President

The 11th President of the United States was James Polk. He served from the year 1845 to 1849. When he was still serving, he was able to help in the expansion of America. It actually grew for like one-third of its original size. The extension surpassed across its continent and this was the very first time such occurrence took place. Prior to James taking office, he was a legislature in Tennessee. The same was also true in the U.S Congress. There was a time when he was elected governor of Tennessee. This was in 1839. These are among the common James K Polk Facts known to many.

James was popular for being a democrat. Outside the world of politics, he was not really famous. However, this fate of him changed in the 1844 presidential elections. He was even claimed as the dark horse candidate. When he was the president, he played a role in the reduction of tariffs. He was also responsible for the reformation of the national banking system of US. During his term, he was also able to settle the boundary dispute happening around the Oregon Territory. Security was offered here. This was directed in the United States. Apart from this, Polk also took the initiative in leading Mexican-American War. This started from the year 1846 to 1848. This was the instance when the time when California was owned by the United States. This is now known as the Southwest. His campaign was also remarkable. This gave him the chance to be a one-term president. After serving the office, he did not go for reelection anymore. He left the White House immediately. He passed away when he was 53 years old.

polkpolk.jpg (448×597)

Needless to say, the political life of James was colorful. He became a part of the House of Representatives for almost seven years. He was also the speaker of the House which transpired from the year 1935 to 1939. When he was still in the Congress, he worked with Andrew Jackson as his protégé. They were both Democrat and Tennessean. This was directed immediately towards the White House. It lasted from 1829 to 1837.

During his term, Polk was in favor of the states’ rights. He was an active supporter of the plan of Jackson. This was a way to have the Bank of the United States dismantled. This was also replaced by a banking system which was meant to decentralize the government. He was also called Young Hickory which was his nickname. He earned this as a way to refer to his mentor, Jackson. He was still dubbed as the Old Hickory because of how tough he was.

It was in the year 1839 when Polk had to leave the Congress. This started his career as the governor of Tennessee. A reelection transpired in 1841. However, he did not succeed. He experienced another defeat in 1843 for the governor post. As for his time – he was claimed as the dark candidate for there was a little expectation of him being the nominee for presidents of the Democrats.

Preventing Childhood Cancer: Protective Factors to Decrease the Risk of Cancer

Children are particularly susceptible to DNA damage from chemical pesticides, herbicides, fossil fuel emissions, and solvents. They live closer to the ground than adults. Small children tend to explore their environments through their mouths. Children’s total exposure to toxins tends to be greater than that of adults, and their corresponding uptake of toxins exceeds that of adults as a result of their rapid growth. They are less able to metabolize and excrete toxins than adults.

Cancer is a conglomerate of diseases linked by common factors of unrestrained cellular growth and sometimes disorganized cellular division. When it strikes children, families are devastated, left feeling helpless, angry, and confused. Treatments are toxic and too often ineffective, resulting in childhood cancers being the second leading cause of deaths among children. In many cases, prevention may be possible and it requires many levels of focused and global change.

Cancer Prevention

As is true of all chronic, progressive, potentially fatal diseases, persons who live day-to-day healthful lifestyles tend to have lower incidences of cancers and more favorable outcomes should cancers develop than persons who neglect their health. Key elements of healthful lifestyle have not changed in thousands of years:

  • good food (nutrition/hydration)
  • good physical activity (exercise/movement)
  • good sleep (rest/relaxation)
  • good relationships (family/friends)

One of the best gifts parents can provide their children is to teach them the fundamentals of healthful living from their earliest years.

An estimated one-third of all cancers are believed to result from nutritional deficiency. Folic acid taken during pregnancy, long known to prevent spina bifida, has recently been shown to decrease incidences of neuroblastoma as well. Physical play and adequate rest support optimal immune system functioning in children, as do nurture, support, and guidance from important others in children’s lives.

sleep.jpg (680×380)

In industrialized societies, however, living healthful lifestyles has become complicated. Even fresh foods are often bought in supermarkets with no real sense of where or in what conditions they were grown. Labels on prepared foods and cleaning products often seem to be written by chemists for chemists. Product recalls are announced regularly, hopefully resulting in removal of dangerous foods, toys, clot­­hing, furniture, and many more things from stores and homes.

Childhood Cancer Prevention

On the physical level, children’s exposure to chemical herbicides and pesticides can be greatly reduced by using more natural cleaning and gardening products. Parents who work in industries which produce toxic chemicals can reduce their children’s cancer risks by showering at work and laundering work clothes outside the home. Cancer risk from chemical additives in foods can be reduced by providing locally organically grown foods, avoiding foods wrapped in plastics, minimizing meat and other animal foods, and becoming educated regarding which additives, such aspartame, nitrates and a number of others, are best avoided as suspected or known carcinogens. Home air quality can be improved by raising non-toxic houseplants.

An emotionally safe home environment may also help reduce risks of childhood cancers. Strong emotions such as grief and anger can create toxic body milieux if left unprocessed. Some researchers believe there are links between unresolved anger and development of certain types of cancers. Parents who exhibit and teach children to use healthy emotion regulation, stress management, and interpersonal effectiveness skills teach them skills for high quality relationships which may provide a buffer against negative effects of stress-related hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, on the immune system leaving it free to more effectively manage cancer cells should they develop.

Environmental Cancer Risks

While it is important to provide children with healthful lifestyles and healthful home environments for cancer prevention, cancer risk factors for children far exceed personal and family domains. Products which trigger cancer in any cluster of children ultimately effect all children. Chemical pesticides, herbicides, fossil fuel emissions, and solvents are toxic products of industry which need to be strongly limited if not eliminated.

Parents always have the responsibility to advocate for their children, and there is strength in community. Community action targeted towards childhood cancer prevention can involve:

  • displaying educational material at health fairs
  • providing public service media announcements
  • educating churches and civic organizations
  • supporting cancer prevention education in school health classes
  • raising awareness of local and upstream industries
  • raising awareness of local, state, and national governments
  • supporting legitimate environmental advocacy groups

Until industry is held responsible for cleaning up their hazardous wastes, carcinogens will continue to infiltrate our air, earth, food, and water supplies.

Implement Change

The appropriate time to begin cancer prevention for children is now. The optimal time would have been prior to the conception of their parents, but the past cannot be changed. A great deal can be done towards the goal of childhood cancer prevention and it requires action on personal, home, and community levels, with community defined as local, state, national, and international levels. Every child deserves the opportunity to live cancer-free.

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