9/11 Conspiracy Facts – Information should not be debunked

A tenfold of accounts in the history would agree that 9/11 is one of the remarkable events in awakening the world. Up until today, there are debates going on around it. Many would want to know who started it. The reasons are still not clear though. Up until today, there are still Americans – almost 1/3 of it actually – who do not dig the official story. This is one of the reasons why there are so many 911 conspiracy facts available all over. Skeptics are still curious about the occurrence. However, there seems to be facts that are inevitable to the 911 event.

List of Facts

There was a review written in the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal. It was said that Nano Thermite was seen in the Ground Zero and its dust. There was also a 9/11 investigation which was pursued by almost 1700 plus of architects and engineers. The whole collapse and destruction of WTC 7 only took 6.5 seconds. Its fall acceleration on the other hand was of 2.25 seconds. This was the juncture when Larry referred to it as the Pull It.

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There was a claim saying that prior to the attacks, traders were very much informed about what was about to take place. This may be linked to the fact that there were reported fishy businesses going around insurance firms and stock market. There was even this overwhelming amount of options which were placed on the stocks of American and United Airlines. These airlines were both hijacked in the attacks. There were traders who would like to speculate. They said that the traders were responsible in tipping the attack off. Speculators said that they actually earned and profited something from the tragedy itself. In connection to this, the Securities and Exchange Commission had to launch an investigation. This held Osama Bin Laden as the primary suspect. There was an information received from here. This came from one of the firms in Wall Street.

Aside from the aforementioned, there were also those who told the media that the air defense was advised to be on stand down during the attack. The status quo is that as an airplane is hijacked, the NORAD – or the North American Aerospace Defense Command is intended to send off fighter jets to be of protection. This is perceived as a way to have the shoot down of the aircraft debilitated. However, in that 9/11 incident, the generals believed that there were the scrambling of the fighter jets. There were even skeptics who believe that there was lack of NORAD presence during the occurrence. This again was suspicious to many.

Contrary to the belief, it was not planes responsible in collapsing the twin towers. This happened because of bombs. There was even a time when the collapse of the World Trade Center was compared to demolition which was controlled. This would not occur if the explosives were not planted in chosen locations. There were individuals who claimed that they heard the bombing sounds from the inside of the tower.